Pentz Run Staffing...

Pentz Run Youth Services, Inc. is fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  There is always someone qualified to answer any of your questions.  We accept emergency referrals around the clock and maintain a staff to resident ratio that surpasses PA state regulations.

Our team of highly qualified staff consist of:

Primary Counselors
Each resident is assigned a “Primary” to oversee their case, maintain contact with the placing agency and address the daily needs of the resident.  This is a Bachelor level position.
Residental-Transitional Living Staff
Each resident is also assigned a co-primary, who completes weekly reports and assists residents with identifying and reaching goals.  This position does not require a degree but the majority of our staff have either a Bachelor or Associate degree.

The Primary and Co-Primary positions are also the front line staff, the ones who are with the residents on a daily basis and know them best.  They are role models for the residents and assist them in learning and following the rules, completing daily tasks and achieving their goals.
Residential Supervisor
Our Residential Supervisor leads the way for the Primary and Residental-Transitional Living Staff.  This is the “go to” person if the assigned Primary or Co-Primary isn’t available.  The Residential Supervisor also supervises all of the direct care staff, carries a caseload similar to a Primary Counselor and works closely with the staff to help them further develop their skills.  This is a Bachelor level position, however, our current Residential Supervisor has a Master’s degree.
Family Services Specialist
Residents and their families are encouraged to participate in family counseling while at Pentz Run.  This is not “therapy” but rather quasi-therapeutic interventions aimed at transferring skills learned here into the home environment.  Family involvement is key to a successful return home, and knowing that all families are different, we do our best to individualize services.  Our Family Services Specialist is also able to go into the home after discharge to assist with a smooth reintegration to the family.  This is a Bachelor level position.
Care Coordinator
Our residents have to opportunity to receive therapeutic, psychiatric and D&A counseling with outside providers.  It is the focus of our Care Coordinator to assure that all services are complementing each other and that important information about the resident is passed on to each provider as well as the staff here.  This is a Master’s level position.
Independent Living Staff
We provide Independent Living services to Jefferson, Cameron, Clarion and Elk Counties.  We have 4 full-time staff and 2 part time staff who provide these services within the community.
Administrative Staff
Our administrative staff consists of our Receptionist, Program Coordinator and Executive Director.