Mobile Case Management Program

Aftercare services are available to residents and their families, upon the resident’s discharge from Pentz Run.  The Mobile Case Management Program focuses on maintaining stability in the home and a successful return of the youth to his/her family or other caretaker.  Pentz Run staff will work with the youth and their family, to continue building on the skills developed while in placement.  These skills may include:  developing and maintaining structure, maintaining organizational and independent living skills, communication and parenting skills for the primary caretaker.  A Pentz Run staff person will do routine home visits of approximately 1-2 hours per visit.  The number of visits weekly can be tailored to the specific resident/family but, generally, during the first two weeks after discharge staff will visit the home twice a week.  Thereafter, staff will visit once a week, until appropriate community and family skills are maintained without intervention from staff or other in-home services are in place.

Aftercare services also include individual and family counseling.  The services may be arranged through the resident’s Residential-Transitional Case Manager or the Residential Supervisor. This service should not be used in place of intensive family or mental health counseling, but rather as an additional support, supplement and/or in the interim while awaiting other in-home services.

Parents or guardian, and/or referring agency will be responsible for the cost of participating in the Aftercare Mobile Case Management Program.

Benefits of using Pentz Run’s Aftercare Mobile Case Management Program:

         staff who already know the youth and family

         ability to see youth and family in their own home

         continuity between skills learned in placement and reinforced at home

         do not need a doctor’s recommendation

         services can start within one week after discharge

         ability to make/follow through with referrals for more intensive services

         assist family in following through with medical and/or mental health referrals

         assist family with reintegration of youth into the community, school, etc.